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sustainable and 


pulp from  

pinapple plants

turning waste into purpose

Ananasplantage in Costa Rica

own ecological



non-seasonal production


high scalability of the raw material


100% plant-based 


The world is facing a large number of ecological challenges. Excessive land use and irresponsible handling of natural resources are just some of the drivers of such a development. In agriculture, plant residues are also often not recycled in a useful way, instead being disposed of as cheaply as possible.

The pressure to innovate in the paper industry and the need for alternative pulps is very high. This is due to higher prices for fresh wood fiber, decreasing quality of waste paper and increasing demand for sustainable products from consumers. In addition, the politics are calling for more social and ecological responsibility from companies.

With the motivation to develop sustainable and meaningful solutions to the disposal problem described above, we started eco:fibr. We have developed an environmentally friendly process to extract pulp from the residues of the pineapple plant. This enables us to offer the paper and cardboard industry a sustainable alternative to conventional pulp made from wood.

you can get to know us in person here:

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We combine competencies from biotechnology, life sciences, marketing, engineering and economics with the common mission of a world without wasting resources.

We are united with this ecological mindset and the Motivation to do something really meaningful. Together we believe in a sustainable future and want to be part of this movement!

Teamfoto eco:fibr GmbH

Our founders Merit Ulmer and Michelle Spitzer are participants in the new season of the Youtube format Create F - The Female Founder Show x founder platform and, commit to more Visibility of female read people in the start-up scene.


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