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3 days at the #SLUSH in #Helsinki our resume 🍍🍍 .

We are currently looking for a #seedinvestment of 300,000 € so Merits and Michelles #mission for SLUSH was set. Reaching out to investors, investors and investors.

Already two weeks in advance we had made ourselves familiar with the #matchmaking tool on the SLUSH platform. This allowed us to arrange meetings and get in touch with SLUSH visitors in advance. The first learning for us was to start using the matchmaking tool at an early stage, because meeting tables were booked out fast and meetings at the 1on1 point wasn´t handy 😖 .

There are also many #sideevents that takes place before, after and during the event, which can also be viewed on the SLUSH platform.

The SLUSH side events were very #successful for us. Whether at the Breakfast Event of Google, German Beer Together of the AHK Finnland or at the Morningrun around the Töölo lake and afterwards sauna, at these events we were able to make easily new contactions 👍. We think that the side events are even the best places to #network with #likeminded people (plus there is free food and drink 😝 🤤).

🎉 With the many conversations, ideas, new and old contacts, speakers and new impulses, these encounters have given us a special #boost:

Judith Dada (General Partner at La Familiga VC) im panel "What you always wanted to ask the VCs” and Maximilian Bittner (CEO of #Vestiaire) with Thibaud Hug de Larauze (CEO and Co-founder of #BlackMarket) im panel “Circular Economy and Changing Consumers Behavior” have inspired us especially as speakers and with their authenticity.

For us, these three #powerwomenKatja Filippenko (Saatgutkonfetti), Alejandra Cobos (mindmatters) and Natalie Eckert (florada) are great role models for female entrepreneurs 🚀🚀 . It war a joy talking to you.

🥜 In a nutshell, SLUSH was a big success for us, although of course we still have to see what new contacts will bring. We would therefore like to thank Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen – NBank and hannoverimpuls GmbH. For us it was a great opportunity and we would not have taken it without you 💚 🍍 .

In general, the atmosphere in the #niedersachsendelegation was great and everyone enjoyed networking.

We rise by lifting up others! 🚀✨


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