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EU Supports Comprehensive Utilization of Pineapple Plants with €800,000 🌱 🚀

Together with our project partners, Aqua & Waste International GmbH, and the Institute for Multiphase Processes (IMP) at Leibniz University Hannover, we aim to evaluate the production of #cellulose from #pineapple plants on an industrial scale. To this end, a pilot plant for the #cellulose extraction from pineapple plants will be established in Lower Saxony, and the EU is supporting this endeavor with €800,000.

In collaboration with manufacturing companies in the specialty and art paper market, we also plan to introduce our first test products made from eco:fibr cellulose. 🍍📝

The funding, totaling €800,000, comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the "Stronger Developed Region" (SER) program of Lower Saxony. Thanks to this generous support, we can now engage in research and development efforts to optimize the utilization of pineapple plants while minimizing environmental impacts. 💡🤝


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