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with Hahnemühle for a sustainable Future

We’re thrilled to finally announce our#collaboration with Hahnemühle FineArt - Paper 'Made in Germany' since 1584, the market leader in the fine art paper industry! 🎉

Since 2020, Hahnemühle has been supporting us, sharing their valuable expertise and commitment to sustainable resource management. Their dedication to caring for our environment resonated with our mission right from the start, making this partnership a perfect match! 💘

Over the past few years, Hahnemühle has supported us with know-how and analyses, paving the way for the first product made from pineapple-fibers: precious fine art papers. Therefore the papermaking itself and special attributes like highest longevity and colour density for paiting or printing art on pineapple papers have to be researched and evaluated. 

You can catch a glimpse of our joint efforts on German TV this Sunday, 28th April at 18:45 on NDR for "Das!" or stream it to see how we're making a difference in paper industrie.

Stay tuned for more updates on LinkedIn and Instagram as we continue our journey towards sustainability and innovation! 💚✨

We're gearing up to launch our next round of financing soon. Do you want to be part of our journey? 💰🤝


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