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First #Funding Round Successfully Completed 💰 🎉

We are thrilled to finally announce that we successfully completed our first funding round yesterday, on Monday. 💪

The past period has been turbulent and emotionally challenging for us, but we have learned a lot and now move forward stronger and more motivated into the next phase. 🚀

What were our #learnings?

💬❗Creating #Termsheets as a basis for negotiations to avoid misunderstandings.

🕜❗Allocating enough time to prepare for the funding round.

🥂❗Attending events such as matching evenings, awards and trade fairs proved extremely valuable for us. We were able to establish numerous new contacts and close deals through networking!

📣❗Including our network and being vocal. Personal recommendations lead to closing #deals.

❤️❗Creating a supportive personal environment because a funding round can be emotionally demanding.

👂❗Addressing concerns and potential fears within the founding team early on and creating space for emotions to alleviate any negative tensions.

What happens next? 🚀🚀

The new capital allows us to further drive our vision and take our business idea to a new level. In the coming weeks, we will set up a #pilot facility here in #LowerSaxony. This will enable us to scale up our process on a semi-industrial scale and achieve a production volume of up to 2 tons.

We firmly believe that with our business angels, we have obtained great new #capital that goes far beyond financial support. Their experiences and network will help us unleash our full #potential and seize new opportunities. We are excited to see how the dynamics of the company will change and can start implementing our plans with joy and motivation.

🙏 We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who #supported us during this exciting journey: our #investors, #mentors, our network, and especially our dedicated team, which tirelessly worked to successfully complete this funding round.


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